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Why Check Engine Light Is Important

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We offer maintenance services to keep your car running smoothly. From check engine light diagnosis & sensor replacement to oil changes and everything in between. Motor repairs/swaps and transmission repair on classic and modern vehicles.

Understanding Check Engine Light

The check engine light is a complex process. You have warning lights to tell you if your motor is overheating, losing oil pressure, brakes not working properly and more. There are mini testers out there that will give you the code it displays to look up. But the tiny testers do not show the processes that created the code as underlying issues. You do not need to go to a dealer for diagnosis and spend huge amounts of money plus waiting for weeks to months for an appointment.

Check engine lights are very important to the health of your car. We will get you in right away, as we know you need your car repaired quickly; before damage occurs.

Our code reading system that allows us to go deeper into the sensors and what they are picking up. We can also hook up with techs that specialize in your type of car thru the reader while attached to your car. Sometimes the actual problem is not the code showing, as it is the end result. O2 sensors are the most common codes. The auto parts stores will tell you to buy the upper and lower sensors. That’s all they can tell; and they want to sell parts. After replacing both, you still have the check engine light on, now what? We can save you from buying unnecessary parts. And the difficulty of replacing the wrong things!

Maintain Your Car, Save your Wallet!

Although you may find a better price from a guy down the road. We are confident that you probably won’t get a better value than working with us. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and in the case of more complex repairs, we’ve had to fix what others did wrong. We service customers who brought their car to the cheapest shop in town that did not perform the work properly. Creating the original problem again or creating a new problem.

Better Price Verses Better Value

Which is why we always tell our customers, read reviews, talk with the techs, and understand that the cheapest isn’t always the best.

Give us a call today to schedule your appointment and start saving money on your car!