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Overheating Car When Air-Conditioner is in Use and All You Need to Know

Air-conditioners are the coolest things around, they offer comfort and convenience, until they get faulty. Car air-conditioner is as much of a prominent feature of a car as the car engine, car ACs make commuting a lot more comfortable. Interestingly, they are often used nearly all the time regardless of the weather: cold, hot, or snowy. Sadly, when your car Air-conditioner becomes faulty, mere usage can result in overheating. The first step in finding out what happened, is to find out why.

So, we at, nandnautoservice have compiled this article: Overheating Car when Air-Conditioner is in use and All You Need to Know and what to do before a professional mechanic can take a look at it.

You will find this really helpful and your automobile will thank you for it.

There are tons of reasons your car Air-conditioner is overheating, here’s a few:

  • Faulty Cooling System

A faulty cooling system might just be the reason your car AC overheats. Infact, it’s one major reason car ACs overheat, and this could be due to a minor leak in the car radiator that requires water refills constantly. You should know that the hose of the radiator rust over time. And while the constant water refills help slow down corrosion, however, it soon becomes quite ineffective with time. So check your car radiator for built-up debris or dirts, those could be the reason your car AC has being overheating.

  • Faulty Car Components

A faulty car component could cause your car to overheat when the car AC is on. This is one major cause of overheating for automobiles. When car components such as compressors, condensers, refrigerants, evaporators, begin to malfunction, it’s only a matter of time before the pressure accumulates and makes its way to the car Air-conditioner and the aftermath is an unusual increase in the car temperature whenever you turn on the AC.

If this is the case, you need experts like our mechanics at nandnautoservice, who provide automobile routine checks and servicing. If you own an automobile, come schedule a routine check of your car with us, because your car is only as reliable and sound to the extent that you take care of it- servicing.

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  • Low on Coolant

One other reason you might be experiencing car AC overheating problem may be due to inadequate anti-freeze in the car cooling system. That’s why, we at nandnautoservice encourage our customers to change their car coolant, at least every two years. This is to prevent corrosion in the car cooling system which also reduces the lifespan of your automobile. Additionally, when air to the coolant system is blocked, it causes the car to overheat when you turn the car AC on.

Tips for Maintaining Car Air-conditioner to Avoid Overheating:

° Stick to the right coolant for your car model.

  • Always use high-quality thermostats.
  • Use distilled water only.

For more expert advice on maintaining your car AC, visit nandnautoservice.

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